Pyrenees – 2010

Cauterets, Franceon the Pyrenean high route 2010june in Cauterets before the start of the walk, not looking good.Walking in the Pyreness France1-1690.jpg1-1695.jpg1-1600.jpg1-1618.jpg1-1547.jpg1-1540.jpg1-1541.jpg1-1566.jpg1-0808-c44.jpg1-1311.jpg1-1324.jpg1-1491.jpg1-1500.jpg1-1506.jpg1-1509.jpg1-1516.jpg1-1331.jpg1-1375.jpg1-1387.jpg1-1390.jpg1-1415.jpg1-1480.jpg1-1527.jpg1-1530.jpg1-1687.jpg1-1636.jpg1-1583.jpg1-1586.jpg1-1543.jpg1-1670.jpg1-1598.jpg1-1664.jpg1-1655.jpg1-1668.jpg1-1676.jpg1-1686.jpg1-1674.jpg1-0862-c20.jpg1-0867-c88.jpg1-0906.jpg1-0904-c1.jpg1-0929.jpg1-1269.jpg1-0838-c1.jpg1-0842-c54.jpg1-0938.jpg1-0940.jpg1-0934.jpg1-0985.jpg1-0835-c28.jpg1-0969.jpg1-0961.jpg1-0977.jpg1-0981.jpg1-0804-c85.jpg1-0801-c90.jpg1-0798-c82.jpg1-0814-c50.jpg1-0813-c8.jpg1-0820-c90.jpg1-0818-c15.jpg1-0821-c10.jpg1-0823-c98.jpg1-1678.jpg1-0852-c0.jpg1-0827-c29.jpg1-0916.jpg1-0793-c39.jpg1-0767-c24.jpg1-0769-c75.jpg1-1593.jpg1-0825-c4.jpg

Revisiting a place  can be a strange and tentative experience especially if you have ultra fond memories of a magical time. In 2010 Paul and me returned to walk the Pyrenean high route again. It was to celebrate Paul’s 40th birthday and we could not think of a better place to be.

This time we only had just over 2 weeks so we were limited somewhat to a starting and  finishing point that would have transport links back to Toulouse airport. So we decided on a circular walks starting and ending in Cauterets.

What a shock we had when we arrived in Cauterets to freezing temperatures icy winds and hail storms, it felt like we were in the midst of winter and not mid summer. We had left  the UK in a heatwave.
The first night on the campsite we froze….we did not have enough warm clothing even for the low levels let alone to sleep up high in the mountains. This wasnt looking too promising. We hung around Cauteretts for a few days amuzing ourselves and eating far too many cakes in the pattisserie and keeping dry and warm in cafes and shops,what else could we do?

Then the skies cleared and the world about us was transformed to the summer that we had envisaged. We were on our way.