Manaslu, Nepal 2009

Manaslu Trek, Nepal 2009 Sally Eathorne

So, my last trip to Nepal in 2009. It was to be, like all of my visits to Nepal, a very memorable time and on reflection I observed and learned not only about life in the high and outer regions of Nepal but also about my own limitations. This journey to Manaslu would mould my future adventures. If you want to know more on that then please go to my Jottings page and read my article ‘Don;t Panic’. These photos are a diary of my trek through the Manaslu valley with Paul in to  high altitude, over the Larkya la pass and down to Bhimtang, then eventually joining the Annapurna region. There are many stories to this trek including one about a dog who became our companion and protector for a while who we sadly had to leave behind. Needless to say we were both crying like babies. Here is Paul’s blogpost about ‘Deng Dog‘.


I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to travel  and stay in the  little villages on route.  when there was no accommodation we were readily invited to stay with families who offered up there bedroom to us. Lunch-stops we  quickly learned were a little like the French and Spanish tradition. They last for a few hours with slow cooking of dal bhat and chapattis on an open fire. This caused us to twitch a little as we anticipated the afternoon uphill trek  becoming an evening soiree.

As we headed up the valley the landscape changed from the lush productive  terraced fields to stark barren plateau with white/grey stone Gompas standing solid and multi- coloured Prayer flags waving fluidly set against a backdrop of brilliant ice blue skies and glaring sunlight. I had the feeling of stepping back in time and into an ancient land.  The temperature changed too turning from warm and tropical to the cold dry air of high alpine with night time temperatures dropping dramatically at sunset. We knew that we would never feel warm at night now until we once again descended to the low valleys.