Mallorca 2013

After a busy summer season on Mull and lots of renovation work, We both really needed a change of scenery and some sunshine before the onset of the Scottish winter. Our friends and neighbours were in Mallorca in 28 degrees for 2 weeks and that was October. Having never been, I impulsively booked us 2 weeks for the beginning of November. We would take bikes and stay on the mountainous north coast.

It rained practically the whole time – except for a lovely sunny day spent in Palma city on our second day – with chilly temperatures and even hailstones. We were determined to get out on our bikes and we did almost every day and had a good time despite the wet and cold.

On our departure day we cycled in the rain all the way until 2 kms from the airport then sun came out. The temperature rose so dramatically that we stripped off our soggy waterproofs and down to  t. shirts and shorts. The first for the whole two weeks. Not enough time to take home a suntan though.