The Pyrenees – 2006


These are a few photos of my first walk in the Pyrenees. It is still one of my favourite and most memorable treks.Paul and me were very lucky, the weather and summer conditions under foot up high were perfect with only a little snow. This meant that we managed without carrying crampons or too much winter clothing. Many days our packs were well heavy enough without the added winter weather gear as we had to carry food supplies for up to 5 days at a time. Once up on the tops you are greeted with the magnificence of your surroundings.Spectacular panoramas that take your breath away –  if you have any spare after climbing for 4 hours with a laden backpack – You  invariably camp near lakes or refuge huts all with the most stunning views. Even when its a good year, the weather changes with a drop of a hat. The pattern goes like this;  After a  chilly sleepless night tossing and turning to stop your bones from aching on the hard ground [even with a thermarest]
There follows a bright fresh clear, sparkling morning  which quickly dries off the frosted tent outer and your toes.  Warming  quickly as you set off on your days walk, the sun is soon quite toasty,  by 10 am  it  has you  sizzling, huffing and puffing – there always seems to be an almighty uphill – sweat dripping from the brow. This continues through lunchtime. After dining on cheese and crackers and cooling off your boiling feet in a stream, off you plod once more. Then often by mid afternoon you happen to glance up and see dark clouds tumbling across the sky in the distance but experience tells you that  its now a race to get to your camping spot  before the heavens open, the hailstones hit and the lightening strikes all about you or  if its too early you  just try to find some sort of shelter for a while until its safe to continue. Out comes the sun again as if nothing ever happened.