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More Tea Vicar?

More Tea Vicar?

The Eathorne kids and whisky the dog in 1970

First Published 22nd May 2008


It’s me again, well to be honest who else would it be, I’m not really expecting any visitors.

There was a time when the local Vicar would call on his parishioners, do they still do that or do all Vicars now use email to keep in touch with their flock? It would be a shame, think of all those redundant teapots and the fine bone china tea sets all now gathering dust on the sideboards of the [with]drawing rooms of England.

I’m only talking like this because it is May and with this month comes the nostalgic smells of the hedgerows that have magically burst into life and send me reelling back to my childhood and my great aunty Evelyn’s garden full of bluebells and primroses, forget -me-nots, oh and not forgetting stinging nettles which my sisters and me would always manage to fall into; Her little kitchen where the grandmother clock was always ticktocking and the white china tea cups and saucers with flowers and some with gold rims [all odd and un-matching] would clink amidst the chattering of my gran, mum and great aunty all their chin wagging was really boring for us kids but aunty Evelyn’s loo was absolutely fascinating and we would invariably end up wandering down the weedy path [ahh hence the nettle stings] to the bottom of the garden to open the latch on the cronky shed to behold the sight of a wooden bench with 2 round wooden lids and dare each other to lift them up and peep in….we always did peep in….On a nail and neatly strung together were the evenly cut pieces of newspaper which we would try and piece together again to read.[who said chip paper was yesterday’s news?]. Oddly enough and primitive as it was even then – as this must have been around 1969 -70’s, and at our house we had an indoor flushing toilet – that loo never had a bad smell.

Further down the garden was the veg patch, small but always well stocked and the tomatoes in the little glasshouse were to die for…I would have died had I known then what I know now that the toilet fed the tomatoes!

This episode in my life no doubt prepared me for the great loo experiences that I encountered on my visits to Nepal and India, did I say prepare? actually nothing prepares you for the Nepali trekking toilet but the desperation of ‘having to go’. I have a classic photo somewhere of one in the Annapurna mountains which I will dig out and post it on as pictures sometimes speak louder than words.

Well this has all nicely strayed away from the vicar and his e flock and I think it is time I ’rounded up’ my bleatings and signed off for the day.

May you enjoy the rest of May.

Miss sparkle.

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