A Year at Goodnestone Park House

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Goodnestone park , east kent

Goodnestone Park House as seen from the lime tree avenue.

I spent a year working at Goodnestone Park House, East Kent. I never in a million years thought I would live or work in the South East of England – This is where I hear a ‘err why?’ being muttered – Well anyway life is full of surprises and twists in the road and these led me here for a while.

After I eventually ‘acclimatised’ to the region, I realised that I was probably in the quietest and prettiest of areas so that was extremely fortunate too as we all know the reputation of London and its environs as pretty much one big traffic jam called the M25.

Goodnestone Park was growing on me and the people I worked with certainly enriched my life, so thank you all you lovely people, you know who you are…. Then as unexpectedly as I arrived, I departed, but that’s another story….

woodlands gardens, Goodnestone,Kent


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