Lady in Patan Nepal. travel photographs, Sally;s web

Thank you for visiting. This is a collection of photographs from my travels, Artwork – when I get it together- and perhaps a few words on my thoughts and feelings on whatever is floating around in my head at the time – now that could be scary.

I was a late starter to travel but think that I have  probably made up for that shortfall and now it’s in my bones.  In 2001 I met Paul and we set off on a years adventure, trekking in Nepal, buying bicycles in Kathmandu on a whim and cycling through Northern India. We left our bikes in the safety of the Major at his ‘rustic’Major’s Den in New Delhi and flew to New Zealand and ‘Tramped’ for a few months living in our tent. Before we knew it we were  back in India then another trek in Nepal before flying off to Europe cycling back home through Italy Corsica, France and eventually crossing the Channel to England. Not being able or ready to stop, we then set off on our bikes again and toured around Scotland for a  month, walking a big mountain, cycling to the next destination and walking up another big mountain .

We have had a few more trips since . 8 months cycling around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, oh not  forgetting New-Zealand again this time on bikes. We have been back to both Nepal a couple of times and Have had two adventures in the Pyrenees.

I’m forever planning the next adventure, Alas, all I need now it to find the money to pay for the luxury and privilege of being a travelling free spirit once more.